T Shape Range Hood A815

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  • an expert in tornadic absorption of fume.

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    • Dual Core 3.0 System
      360° Tornadic Collection And Exhaust Of Fume

      *1140m³/hr strong and thorough absorption.

      *340Pa strong wind pressure breaking through all obstruction, achieving a thorough exhaust of fume and oil.

    • Wide Angle And Deep Cavity
      Tornadic Absorption Locks The Rising Oil And Fume

      *Uneven turbine designed to generate centrifugal tornadic absorption, realizing a thorough exhaust with no leakage.

      *Vertical placed turbine generating strong suction of wind from both ends that can eradicate fume and oil thoroughly.

    • Free Of Dismantle And Wash Technology
      Inner Cavity Coated With Special Coatings That Detaches Oil And Fume

      *A++ screen with high density mesh and wide screen area, effective separation of oil and fume.

      *Butterfly shape screen, 24 uneven designed guiding belts.

      *33°dip angle and indent guiding track.

      *Amber oil cup, a visualized oil volume.

    • Simple Design, Extreme Details
      Silver Black Glass Panel, Simple But Neat

      *one integrated fume collecting cavity, no fume and oil attached, easy to clean.

      *LED light bringing a clear vision and joyful cooking.

      *1 minute intellectual delayed shutdown intended to eradicate remaining oil and fume.

    Size Parameter Reviews

    Power Supply 220-240V~ 50Hz
    Total Pressure Efficiency ≥23%
    Nominal Pressure 220Pa
    Air Flow Rate 18m³/min
    Maximum Static Pressure 340Pa
    Rated Input Power of the Main Motor 220W
    Maximum Input Power of the Light ≤2W×2
    Grease Separation Rate ≥92%
    Odour Decrease Rate (Normal) ≥98%
    Odour Decrease Rate (Instantaneous) ≥76%
    Noise ≤58dB
    Net Weight of the Host 22kg
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 895×505×537(mm)