Crossover Series Range Hood A825

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  • crossover A825 simple elegance reversal deep absorption

    Start with a touch of button new image of kitchen

    • Dual Core Absorber 5.0 System

      *wind blew, air refreshed.

      *Equipped with four sides fume cleaning technology and dual core absorber 5.0 electric motor.

      *one touch key, only takes 0.9 seconds, absorption increased instantly from 0 to 20m³/min.

      *Intellectual sensor and control, achieving cleaning life anytime by single touch.

    • Filter Net

      *Eiffel tower type structure, guarantee the depth and capacity of cavity.

      *360 degree tornado absorption, matching intensive filter screen design, effectively filtering 91% of heavy oil molecule.

      *Making Robam range hood the only one that owns the technology of “No-disassembly and wash free” inner chamber.

    • Intellect

      *6 grade intellectual timer design, avoid kitchen waiting time, no concern for burning.

      *cleaning oil and fume, new kitchen is prepared in less than 20 seconds.(calculation based on kitchen with 6m³ space)

      *Equipped with micro computer system, 24 hours continuously detecting the status of range hood.

      *Immediately activate maintenance notice, user could clean the Range Hood instantly.

    Size Parameter Reviews

    Power Supply 220-240V~50Hz
    Total Pressure Efficiency ≥23%
    Nominal Pressure ≥320Pa
    Air Flow Rate 19m³/min
    Maximum Static Pressure 430Pa
    Rated Main Motor input power 200W
    Rated Whole Machine input power 202W
    Max lighting power ≤2W
    Grease separation degree ≥91%
    Normal Odor Reduction Degree ≥98%
    Instantaneous Odor Reduction Degree ≥80%
    Noise ≤57dB(A)
    Net weighe 26kg
    Dimension(L×W×H) 895×504×684(mm)