Crossover Series Rang Hood A829

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  • crossover A829 reversal deep absorption, enjoy clean life

    Diamond cutting craft, making your kitchen shining like diamonds

    • Dual Core Absorber 5.0
      Intellectual Change Of Frequency, Smooth Ventilation

      *Patented electric motor mid-placed technology, lessening current loss caused by asymmetric structural current flow, higher efficient absorption.

      *Innovative adoption of cyclone turbine, streamlined blades design, effectively decreasing absorption obstruction assuring more smooth ventilation channel.

      *Logarithm volute casing design, widening the opening of volute casing, increasing fume exit area by 55%, enhancing ventilation more efficiently.

    • Large Wide Angle Deep Cavity

      *Piloting upward fume with tornadic absorption.

      *210mm deep cavity, holding huger quantity of fume, collecting upward fume in just seconds.

      *Super large and 360 degree wide angle tornadic absorption, enhancing absorption by 1/3.

      *Storm eye Storm principle, Zero pressure in center, Generating tornadic suction, leaving fume nowhere to stay.

    • “No-Disassembly And Wash Free” Inner Chamber
      “Eiffel” Integrated Oil-filter Screen

      *Extreme punching craft, punch-formed at one time 14400 stainless diamond mesh more effective in separating the oil, strong efficient in filtering the fume.

      *Brand new electrophoreses protection technology for inner cavity, nanometer oil-free coating one step clean protection, no residual for oil stain on inner cavity assuring constant strong absorption. 

    • Digital Electric Motor

      *Driving 100 thousand rotate per hour, 
      generating 22m³/min peak level air.

      *breaking through traditional range hood electric motor bottleneck, 
      absorbing cooking fume in seconds, 
      leaving clean kitchen with no fume. 

    Size Parameter Reviews

    Power Supply 220-240V~50Hz
    Total Pressure Efficiency ≥23%
    Nominal Pressure ≥320Pa
    Air Flow Rate 19m³/min
    Maximum Static Pressure 430Pa
    Rated Main Motor input power 200W
    Rated Whole Machine input power 204W
    Max lighting power ≤4W
    Grease separation degree ≥91%
    Normal Odor Reduction Degree ≥98%
    Instantaneous Odor Reduction Degree ≥80%
    Noise ≤57dB(A)
    Net weighe 26kg
    Dimension(L×W×H) 895×504×684(mm)