20 Bottle Single Zone

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    Up to 20 x Bordeaux Bottles


    825mm x 295mm x 565mm + 30mm spacer = 595mm




    The slimline 20 bottle Wine Cabinet can be used as a cellaring cabinet for red and white wines (when set at cellaring temperature 12°-14°), or as a serving cabinet for white wines and champagne (set at 6°-8°) or reds (set at 14°-18°). It is the perfect storage solution for the budding wine enthusiast who wants to ensure that his/her wines are always served at their best.

    Combined with the matching slimline Beer & Wine Bar V20BVCBK, for keeping beers, soft drinks, white wines and champagnes ready to drink, the V20 pair is ideal for entertaining and can become an attractive feature in a kitchen or alfresco area.

    • Front-venting so can be built-in (ventilation required)
    • White LED lights
    • Reversible doors
    • Digital LED temperature display
    • 5 Beechwood shelves
    • Temperature range 6°-18°
    • Humidity controlled when set at cellaring temperature (12°- 14°)
    • UV-treated tinted glass door