900m Rangehood

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  • 1. Automatic Smoke Baffle Plate. It sets "Forbidden Zone” for smoke.
    2. “Coanda " Effect Plate. Smoke will be guided smoothly. 
    3. Convertible Broaden Air Inlet. It absorbs smoke before it spreads.
    4. Speed-up Straight Extraction System, 4 crucial points in a straight line to maximize effectiveness.
    5. Patent "Nautilus" Air Passageway. Smoke can be extracted smoothly without any turbulence.
    Property Data
    Certification CB,SAA
    Product size (mm)(W×D×H) 900×430×(848-1238)
    Power Supply 220-240V 50Hz
    Noise level(dB) ≤51
    Illumination power (W*1) 2*2(LED)
    Wind pressure (m3/h) 1450
    Motor power (W) 208
    Filter Easy-to-clean Filter
    Gas sensor N
    heat sensor N
    Wind curtain N
    Auto Turbo System Y
    Intelligent Air Management Y
    Smoke Sound Detection N
    Anion Sterilization N
    Central Energy Cursor N
    Net weight (kg) 29.2 (Decorative Cover 5.7)
    Gross weight (kg) 37.2 (Decorative Cover 7.3)
    Packing-box size (mm) 1000×685×560 (Decorative Cover 466×308×505)
    Volume (m3) 0.384 (Decorative Cover 0.089)