Product Code: HW25800K-01AG
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  • 1. Independent ventilation system, having no influnce on cabinet and with no cooking odours
    2. Microwave and grill heating systems available
    3. Instant menu makes cooking easy and convenient
    4. Pop-up knob, easy to use and easy to clean

    Property Data
    Rated voltag 220-240V 50/60Hz
    Input power Microwave mode:1350 Grill mode:850
    Output power 800
    Cavity vol.(L) 25
    Product Size(W×H×D) 595×385×368
    Built-in Size(W×H×D) 560×360×550
    Certification CB/SAA/ETL
    Microwave frequency (MHz) 2450
    Net weight (kg) 20
    Gross weight (kg) 22
    Packing-box size (mm) 700*470*490
    Volume (m3) 0.161