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  • 1.Unique hot-air filter design, constant interior temperature
    2.First use five heating tubes that cooperate with different power effectively to control the inner temperature better.
    3.The ten most useful baking pre-sets have been opted using customer feedback and industry research.
    4.3D convection fan makes the temperature uniform
    5.40-250℃ constant temperature creates more cooking possibilities.

    Property Data
    Certification CB, SAA, ETL
    Product size (mm)(W×H×D) 595x595x552
    Built-in size(mm)(W×H×D) Full built-in 598X598X(≥580) ;Half built-in 560X590X(≥550)
    Grill+shadow tray grillX1+shadow trayX1
    Door material Three layers tempered glass door(two with LOW-E coating)
    Handel material Aluminium alloy
    Material Stainless steel and tempered glass
    Control Eletronic
    No. of heating pipe 5
    Class A energy efficiency Y
    Power 3.2kW(220-240V 50/60Hz)
    Temperature range (℃) 40-250
    Capacity (L) 70
    Net weight (kg) 39
    Gross weight(kg) 44.5
    Packing-box size (mm) 685X640X730
    Volume (m3) 0.318