Oasis 22L Dehumidifier

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  • Our Mitsubishi Electric Oasis 22L dehumidifier allows you to reach new levels of moisture removal, subtly. While most dehumidifiers available are large and bulky, our 22L dehumidifier will complement any home. Designed specifically for New Zealand conditions, the Oasis 22L offers you market leading technology.

    Super Quiet Operation

    Using technology created by the makers of Mitsubishi Electric’s super quiet heat pumps, our Oasis Series 22L starts from a low 38dBA.

    Powerful Moisture Removal

    Our Oasis Series of dehumidifiers are amongst the most powerful available. Our range can remove up to 22L of moisture from your home per day (measured at 30°C with 80% relative humidity). And, with the ability to perform down to 1°C you can be assured it will perform year-round. Permanent drainage is also available for long term application.

    Multi Directional Drying

    All our dehumidifiers allow you to select the direction of airflow; upward, to the rear or wide.

    Keeps Working in Cold Conditions

    Our dehumidifiers are able to remove moisture in temperatures as cold as 1°C in your home. They do this by utilising hot gas defrost, rather than an electrical heater.

    Laundry Mode

    As an alternative to harsh and inefficient tumble dryers, our dehumidifiers can be used to quickly and effectively dry your clothing without compromising delicate fabrics.

    Cleans and Purifies the Air

    Our Oasis Series dehumidifiers are designed to combat mildew, mould and dampness in walls, furnishings and carpets – removing allergens from the air as it is passed through our antibacterial filters. Helping you to create and drier, healthier home.

    Mildew Guard

    This function reduces and controls the growth of mould, lowering humidity to 40% for two hours a day for a small room or 50% for four hours for a large room (humidity is kept between 60-70% at all other times).

    Washable Air Purifying Filter

    A two-layer photocatalytic filter that helps remove pollen and dust particles and absorb odours for cleaner, healthier air. This filter is easily washed and should only need replacing once every two years!

    High Humidity Indicator

    Alerts you to humidity levels of above 75%, so that you can avoid asthma and allergy-causing dust mites.

    Additional Features

    Slim and Light

    Stylish, slimline casing and carefully placed air inlets, allow our dehumidifiers to be positioned along walls, next to windows, or in other tight spaces without getting in the way. And, starting at only 11.7kg the Oasis Series is among the lightest available , making them easily transportable.

    Easy to Use LCD Display

    Our full Oasis range incorporates an LCD display screen for ease of use. With the ability to monitor humidity and temperature control is a breeze.

    Easy Dehumidifying

    Our Oasis Series is able to constantly monitor room temperature, selecting the optimal humidity level and adjusting operation to match, saving you both time and money.

    Moisture Removal Capacity: 22.0L per day, 30°C, 80% RH)
    Water Collection Tank Capacity: 4.0L approx.
    Low Temperature Performance: Hot Gas Defrost
    Noise Levels: 38dBA (low operation speed), 47dBA (laundry mode)
    Air Purifiers/Filters: Yes, Anti Bacterial, Long Life Washable
    Mildew Guard Elite - Internal Drying Mode: Yes
    Weight/Portability: 13.7kg, 4 x Castors One Direction
    Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 384 x 217 x 589
    Laundry Drying with 12 Hour Timer: Yes
    Multi Directional Airflow Swing Louvre: 3 Directions (wide/upward/rear)
    Humidity Indicator: 50/55/60/65/70% RH, Auto Mode, Dust Mite Alarm
    Automatic One Touch Easy Dehumidifying: Yes
    Timer: 1 - 9 hours On/Off Timer
    Child Lock: Yes
    Drive Mode: 8 Modes: Auto / High / Low / Air Purifier / Low Temp / Mildew Guard / Easy Dehumidifying / Laundry Mode
    Permanent Hose Attachment: Yes
    Energy Usage on Continuous Running: 0.39 kW/hr