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EcoCore AP 7.1kW High Wall Heat Pump

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Large Room System // MSZ-AP71VGKD

The EcoCore AP71 sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating and cooling. With Dual Barrier Coating that prevents dust and dirt build-up on the inner surface, the EcoCore AP71 stays clean year-round; maximising efficiency and home comfort.

Cooling Capacity 7.1 kW
Heating Capacity 8.0 kW

Whisper Quiet

Starting from barely a whisper, the EcoCore AP Series ensures you only feel the warmth, not hear it! Furthermore, the addition of Night Mode means the outdoor operating noise level drops by a further 3dBA – for the perfect night’s sleep.

Dual Barrier Coating

The patented and world’s first Dual Barrier Coating from Mitsubishi Electric prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the indoor unit; keeping your heat pump clean year-round. Keeping key internal components like the heat exchanger, fan and internal duct clean is important for both home comfort and efficiency. Not only does dust and dirt build-up typically create unpleasant odours, it also forces a heat pump to work harder, which can result in significantly impaired energy efficiency. Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and oil build-up on the interior of the heat pump for the ultimate in peace of mind, ease and comfort.

Next Generation R32 EcoCore Technology

R32 is a refrigerant with just one-third the global warming potential of R410A and has zero ozone depletion potential. R32 offers increased energy efficiency, and is said to be the next generation of refrigerants

Built-In Wi-Fi Control

For the ultimate in aesthetics and heat pump control no matter where you are, the Black Diamond LN Series comes equipped with a Wi-Fi Interface inside a hidden pocket in the indoor unit.

Night Mode

For the perfect night’s sleep; dimming the operation indicator light, disabling any beeping from the unit, and lowering the outdoor operating noise level by 3dBA.

Horizontal Airflow

The EcoCore AP Series eliminates uncomfortable draughts with horizontal airflow in cooling mode, by first spreading airflow evenly across the ceiling.

Wide and Long Airflow

The Wide Airflow Mode enables airflow direction to be adjusted from left to right, ideal for open plan environments – ensuring every corner of the room is comfortable. The Long Airflow Mode extends airflow by up to 12m to reach even the furthest point of open plan or larger living spaces. These modes are simply activated at the touch of a button on your remote controller.

Washable Air Purifying Filter

The EcoCore AP Series is equipped with an Air Purifying Filter. This washable filter traps particles such as dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants, generating stable antibacterial and deodorising effects. The size of the three-dimensional surface has been increased from previous models, enlarging the filter capture area. These features give the Air Purifying Filter better dust collection performance than conventional filters.


MSZ-AP71VGKD // EcoCore AP 71 High Wall Heat Pump System

·  Function: Cooling/Heating ·  Type: Single Split, Inverter
·  Capacity - Cooling: 7.1 kW ·  Capacity - Heating: 8.0 kW
·  Capacity - Heating (min. - max.): 2.2 - 9.9 kW ·  Capacity - Cooling (min. - max.): 2.0 -8.7 kW
·  Power input - Cooling: 2.01 kW ·  Power input - Heating: 2.09 kW
·  Star rating - Cooling: 2.5 ·  Star rating - Heating: 3.0
·  EER / COP: 3.53 / 3.83 ·  AEER / ACOP: 3.53 / 3.82
·  Current - Cooling [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 8.80 A ·  Current - Heating [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 9.10 A
·  Operation Range - Cooling: -10 / +46 degC ·  Operation Range - Heating: -15 / +24 degC

MSZ-AP71VGKD-A1 - Wall Mounted Indoor Unit - White

·  Function: Cooling/Heating ·  Type: Single Split, Inverter
Nominal Capacity
·  Capacity - Cooling: 7.1 kW ·  Capacity - Heating: 8.0 kW
·  Sound Level - Cooling (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 30 / 37 / 41 / 45 / 49 ·  Sound Level - Heating (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 30 / 37 / 41 / 45 / 51
·  Air volume - Cooling (Super High, Litre/sec): 310 ·  Air volume - Heating (Super High, Litre/sec): 320
·  Refrigerant: R32 ·  Liquid pipe size (OD, mm): 6.35
·  Gas pipe size (OD, mm): 12.7 ·  Max. pipe length (m): 30
·  Max. pipe height (m): 15 ·  Power supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
·  Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 1100 x 257 x 325 ·  Weight: 17.0 kg

MUZ-AP71VG-A1 - R32 Inverter Outdoor Unit

·  Function: Cooling/Heating ·  Type: Single Split, Standard Inverter
·  Operation Range - Cooling: -10 / +46 degC ·  Operation Range - Heating: -15 / +24 degC
·  Sound Level - Cooling (dB(A)): 56 ·  Sound Level - Heating (dB(A)): 55
·  Air volume - Cooling (Litre/sec): 310 ·  Air volume - Heating (Litre/sec): 320
·  Power supply: Single phase, 230 V, 50Hz ·  Refrigerant: R32
·  Liquid pipe size (OD, mm): 6.35 ·  Gas pipe size (OD, mm): 12.7
·  Max. pipe length (m): 30 ·  Max. pipe height (m): 15
·  Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 840 x 330 x 880 ·  Weight: 55kg

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